The first step before entering this jungle is to understand that the word free, I repeat free, does not exist.

    The site that claims to give me cryptocurrency is actually just giving me back some of what it’s earning with me.

    This concept applies to all the P2E sites and games that I will present to you and that you will discover for yourself.

    It sounds obvious but it isn’t. It’s not enough for me to just get something back.

    I am aware that I am making you earn and therefore in return at least I deserve your respect.

    I can’t accept being cheated. You will find that there are many cheaters.

    That some situations may seem profitable but if analyzed correctly they turn out to be disadvantageous.

    Perhaps initially the movement started with the intention of making everyone aware of the use of cryptocurrency.

    Then someone had the right intuition and saw a way to make a profit. Then others came who thought the idea was good and started copying it.

    I find nothing wrong with any of this.

    I think that what we are experiencing with cryptocurrencies is just the beginning of something that later in time, (I think at least 5 or 6 years, but also 10), if it has not been destroyed by politics, it will have uses that not even today, we can imagine.

    So remember that in the perverse mechanism that governs this virtual world there will always be someone who will extends his hand to you saying “get it for free” but who is actually taking something from you that he needs: your time.

    Each offer will try to take you away as much as possible and offer you as little as possible in return. Once triggered, the mechanism captures you, hypnotizes you, never leaves you.

    The idea of ​​easy income is illusory. Reality has to be dealt with.

    Analyzing the numbers, understanding. Accepting a compromise to achieve one goal and then devote yourself to something else.

    Finding yourself doing actions on a site, being aware of why we are there and what our goal is. Moving at random deceived by the sparkling lights, can only lead us to end up like moths.

    When you have seen that for what at first seem like simple mouse clicks on your account the zeros will become numbers, you will feel joy.

    You will want to click faster, more, more, more.

    You will open more sites at the same time with the illusion of knowing how to manage it.

    You want more, more and more. You will stop thinking and at some point, when they ask you “are you a human being?” you will answer yes to get the coveted reward, but in reality you know this is no longer the case.

    Are you really ready to face all of this? I warned you, leave as long as you have time to do so otherwise keep following me in my madness …

    Good continuation.

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