If you are searching a sistem to earn crypto in a “free” way, inevitably you have find the faucet and P2E (Play to Earn) games.

    If you have come to my site it is mainly for this reason.

    Do you want to try, are you trying or have tried to make money with these systems but you are disappointed.

    Welcome in this crazy world.

    I know, I also felt the same frustration: hours and hours of clicks to get a few cents.

    The word “free” attracts. The word “free” is the key to attracting attention.

    This is one of the secrets that moves the Internet world.

    If you think about it, what you do is not free. The time taken to obtain them can, and should be, compared to a job.

    Why should I work for such a low hourly wage?

    It possible to obtain something more consistent from this system?

    My personal answer is Yes.

    You will need to arm yourself with:

    Patience, concentration and a correct strategy of action.

    You must put Patience and concentration;

    I’m here to teach you my strategy and give you the tools to create your own.

    At the time of writing, the world of cryptocurrencies is in turmoil. New projects come out all the time.

    Not all of them are consistent and not all of them deliver what they promise.

    It is important to evaluate well in order not to waste time.

    I think the big opportunity is now. Tomorrow may be too late.

    Being able to enter a system now that it is born, if it were to succeed in the future, would bring big gains.

    Unfortunately, no one can predict the future and it could all vanish.

    In any case, if it goes wrong, you will only have wasted your time and money created out of thin air.

    This site was born with the idea of ​​being a map, a guide, a meeting point for those who want to understand all this.

    As a work I have always created manuals and data sheets for others. This time I decided to work for myself and to share my work.

    The main goal is to create your own cryptocurrency BANKROLL without investing real money, and then use these cryptocurrencies to perform other operations that allow you to multiply the number.

    If you a correct strategy, you will be able to grow your initial bankroll.

    It will initially be a slow but gradual increase. Then the increase will be almost exponential.

    Remember you are starting from scratch without investing anything except your time which is still worth a lot.

    This is the basic idea. You may also just want collecting coins and waiting for their value increase.

    The possibilities for doing this are many.

    In the future i will illustrate some of this.

    The important thing is to have clear ideas, set limits and have a reference strategy to follow.

    But above all, never forget that outside your room there is the real world and life which is the most important gift that has been given to us.

    In this site you will find reviews, user manuals of the sites I use.

    I hope you like and you will use it as a reference point.

    One last thing.

    The site is sparse by choice.

    The web is full of flashy, beautiful sites that favor image over content. I want to give the information as clear and clean as possible.

    I hope to succeed.

    For the rest, if you are happy, your success will be my success.

    thank you for making it this far.

    Good continuation.

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